Thinking about buying Gold and Silver?

Corrections in the market are inevitable and happen every 8–10 years. On average, investors lose around 42% of their portfolios when the market corrects. By giving yourself a form of financial insurance, owning gold or other precious metals, you can protect yourself.

If you’re new to investing in precious metals, Benton Gold and National Gold Consultants is equipped to guide you through the process.

Can You Afford To Lose 42% In The Next Market Crash

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We like to call it “Wealth Insurance”

With today’s market conditions and the tensions throughout the world, you might be ready to diversify your portfolio by buying precious metals. You’re making a smart decision. No matter what happens to the national or global economy, your assets will be safe. Your investments will be protected because you will have something that has a recognized value.

Do you want to learn more about Wealth Insurance?

The Resources You Need to Invest in Gold and Silver

We want to give you all the resources and information you need to make an informed decision about your investment. We can help you every step of the way. This free E-book is the first step. We’ve outlined some of the reasons to invest in gold and why it's important to protect your wealth.

Here is what you will find inside:

  • How investing in gold and silver will protect your portfolio from a market collapse.
  • Why gold and silver have historically retained their value no matter what is happening in the market.
  • How gold and silver work as “wealth insurance” during turbulent times, politically and economically.
  • When is the best time to buy precious metals

National Gold Consultants

We have teamed up with National Gold Consultants. They specialize in preparing investment portfolios that withstand volatile economic changes. Together we believe that physical gold and silver belong in every portfolio. Our goal is to provide knowledge about "Wealth Insurance" to everybody who invests.

Benton Gold

Gold and Silver Advising Team

Benton Gold located in Princeton, Minnesota has teamed up with National Gold Consultants to provide clients a solid answer when it comes to insuring their wealth with Gold and Silver. National Gold Consultants can create portfolio resiliency, provide asset management, and teach why wealth insurance is important.

Benton Gold is proud to have National Gold Consultants as a partner in providing clients a piece of mind when it comes to providing stability to their financial future. National Gold Consultants has the integrity, dedication, and resources that you can’t find with any other gold and silver advisor.

Benton Gold with help from National Gold Consultants is here to help you protect your portfolio and provide solutions to financial goals our clients have.